“Grandpa”, as he’s known to some of us, is once again walking more than 2,000 miles! This year he is thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, running from the Canadian to the Mexican border on the west coast of the United States.

What is a thru hike?
Hikes that traverse an entire trail from one terminus to another in an uninterrupted foot path are considered a thru hike.

Week 1 – 112 miles

First week out! He’s walked from his drop-off point up to the northern terminus in a full day less than he expected and his thru-hike has officially begun! Headed southbound. “It’s such easy walking” we hear, but he’s making miles and having fun!


Watch as Grandpa touches the northern terminus, or the northern-most end of the Pacific Crest Trail. His hike didn’t start until he touched the monument! 2,463 miles to go until he reaches Mexico!

Week 2 – 244.7 miles

Week two! He’s seen some amazing views, had a little fun, and taken a little tumble. No mortal wounds, though, so he carried on and headed further south.  He got to see Rainbow Falls & ate a cinnamon roll as big as his face, so we suspect he’s having a great time. First Q&A is coming up! If you have any questions you’d like to see answered in one of his upcoming videos, email it to [email protected]!


Grandpa has answered the first batch of questions sent in! Keep ’em coming, he’s full of answers.

Week 3 – 373.1 miles

He’s walking incredibly fast!! This week he took his first zero day and went over two major passes. He’s got snow, he’s got dust, he’s got a healthy population of mosquitos feeding on him, and he’s having a fantastic time.


Grandpa has answered the next batch of questions! Shoes and bugs and bigfoot are popular subjects in this week’s Q&A!