Since our governor has issued a directive for all residents to stay home as much as possible, we’d like to help. Let’s consider this time in our homes, alone with our families, a staycation. Here you will find activities for residents of all ages. If you have a suggestions or something you think others may enjoy, please send an email to [email protected] and it may be added here. 

An exhaustive list of educational companies offering FREE subscriptions due to school closures
Take online courses thru Saylor Academy

Take a virtual tour of the Bronx Museum of the Arts
Take a virtual tour of the Smithsonian Institute
Busy Toddler Activities to get you thru til naptime
Steve Spangler Science Experiment Library
     National Geographic Kids
123 Homeschool 4 Me

Distance learning support and free printable worksheets for grades k-12.

The Biodiversity Heritage Library

This library blog has resources and distance learning support materials. Digital materials can be accessed without an account or login, free of charge.

FREE relief packs for kids – organized by grade level
Explore the world of literature with online storytimes
Take a digital tour of the San Diego Zoo

Gardening outdoors

While we’re stuck at home, we aren’t stuck indoors. This is the perfect opportunity to learn a little about gardening, or to start your own home patch.  

Bonus points for Mom’s who conscript their out-of-school-children to do the hard labor. 

Where to start — Make a plan. This includes things like where will your garden be placed? What kinds of things do you want to grow?  Remember – vegetables need fertile soil with decent drainage (no mud pits, please and thank you) and lots of sunshine. 
How to make fertile soil — This is shockingly easy. Add compost. That’s the whole step. Compost is magic, and it provides just the right amount of nutrients to your plants, hangs onto just the right amount of moisture, while letting excess move on. 
How much sun exactly? — All the sun, if you’re growing any fruit or vegetables. Place your garden in a part of your property where it gets at least 6+ hours of directly sunlight. Direct sunlight means no shade, for those who are still learning the lingo.