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Do I need an appointment with the Librarian to use the Genealogy Room?

It’s not a requirement to make an appointment with the Librarian in order to use the Genealogy Room. However, we do recommend you email the director with any info you are searching for. We may be able to have our Village Historian available, or have items ready to go upon your arrival. This is particularly helpful for those coming in from out of town who are on a limited schedule.

What do I need to get a Library card?

You must provide some form of photo ID and proof of address to obtain a Library card.

What if I live elsewhere for part of the year?

You do not need to be a year-round resident to obtain a Library card. We will simply mark your local address as your summer address and add an alternate contact address to your information.

My child would like a Library card, but isn’t old enough to have a photo ID. Can they still get a card?

Yes, your child does not need a photo ID to obtain a library card. A parent or gaurdian will be required to present a proof of address and photo ID and sign for financial responsibility of the minor.

Are there holidays the Library is closed?

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day