Become a member of the Interlaken Public Library! Any donation amount will make you a member, and proceeds go to support the Interlaken Public Library.

Prefer to pay by check? Make your check payable to “Friends of the Interlaken Public Library” and drop it off at the Library (8390 Main St, Interlaken) or mail it to PO Box 317, Interlaken NY 14847

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain a nonprofit organization of interested persons to advance and encourage appreciation, understanding, enjoyment, public use and support of the Interlaken Public Library in collaboration with library officers and staff.

Upcoming Events

2022 Mother’s Day 5k
  — Please join us for our second annual Mother’s Day 5k event, happening virtually again this year. Enrollment begins April 4, 2022, so check back soon to join in!

Open House — Join us at the Interlaken Public Library June 4, 2022 for a fun, social day. Renew your membership, join as a new member, meet members of the Friend’s and see the Library we support!

Interlaken Car Show – Happening at the Fireman’s Field in Interlaken, come August 14, 2022 to say hello, refresh your membership, or just enjoy some ice cream!

Doug’s Fish Fry — August 31, 2022 at the South Seneca Elementary School in Interlaken. Get lunch or dinner & show your support!

Upcoming Meetings

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 at 7:00pm at the Interlaken Public Library

Bylaws can be found here. 
Conflict of Interest Policy can be found here.

Andy Weatherby – President
Gary Hunt – Vice President
Meg Jastran – Secretary
Louise Cramer – Treasurer
Sarah Drumheller – Outreach Coordinator
Beverly Wyckoff – Trustee

Libraries Need Friends!

The Interlaken Public Library is a municipal library. New York State law denies us the ability to fundraise or advocate, so having a Friend’s group is critical.

The creation of the Friends of the Interlaken Public Library began in the fall of 2019. Andy Weatherby, Harlan Hastings and Margaret Jastran worked with the Library staff and trustees to engage an attorney to create a Friends group for the Interlaken Public Library. In March of 2020, Mr. David Means of Trumansburg, NY donated the necessary funds to complete the process and provide the new group with seed funds. 

In August of 2020 Andy Weatherby, Margaret Jastran and Sarah Drumheller formed the steering committee to finalize the components of the Friends of the Interlaken Public Library. Despite a world-wide pandemic that kept people physically distant, this small, dedicated group met diligently via phone, videoconference and email to finalize the final details necessary to form the Friends group.

Thru the dedication and stewardship of this small group of residents, the Interlaken Public Library will be better poised to serve the community for generations to come.

Serve on the Board of Directors

Interested in helping guide the organization? Serving on the Board of Directors is the most effective way to help steer the ship! Each year, officers are elected from the directors pool. Anyone interested in serving can email [email protected] A current director will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Join as a Member

Join as a member of the Friends group to help forward individual events. Book sales, fundraisers, and advocacy events will take place throughout the year. Volunteers can join as members to participate in some or all of the events that interest them.